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India officially the Republic of India, is a country in South Asia. It is the seventh-largest country by geographical area, the second most populous country, and the most populous liberal democracy in the world. India is a union of twenty-eight states and seven federally-governed union territories. New Delhi is the capital of India.
Kalimpong is one of the famous town. Kalimpong is a hill station nestled in the Shiwalik Hills in the Indian state of West Bengal. It has average elevation of 1,247 meters. The town is the headquarters of the Kalimpong subdivision, a part of the district of Darjeeling. A major forward base of the Indian Army is located on the outskirts of the town. The town centre is located on a ridge connecting two hills, Deolo Hill and Durpin Hill. Kalimpong has five distinct seasons: spring, summer, autumn, winter and the monsoons. Kalimpong had a population of 42,980.
Deolo, the highest point in Kalimpong, has an altitude of 1,704 meters. The majority of the populace are ethnic Nepali. Indigenous ethnic groups include the Lepchas, Bhutias, Sherpas, Rais, Yamloos, Damais, Kamais and the Limbus. Kalimpong is the closest Indian town to Bhutan's western border, and has a small number of Bhutanese nationals residing here. Popular festivals include Diwali, Christmas, Dussera or dasain in the local nepali dialect and the Buddhist festival of Losar. Languages spoken in Kalimpong include Nepali, which is the predominant language; Hindi, English and Bengali. Cricket and soccer are the most popular sports in Kalimpong. The Lepcha Museum, situated a kilometre away from the town centre showcases the culture of the Lepcha community, the indigenous peoples of Sikkim.
Kalimpong is well known for its many educational institutions, which attract students from all over North East India, West Bengal, Bhutan, Nepal, and Bangladesh. In recent times, Kalimpong has become an important tourist destination owing to its temperate climate and proximity to popular tourist locations in the region. Kalimpong is also famous for its flower market, especially the wide array of orchids. It also houses several Buddhist monasteries which hold a number of rare Tibetan Buddhist scriptures.

The summer and spring seasons are the most popular with tourists, keeping many of Kalimpong's residents employed directly and indirectly. Farming on terraced slopes is a major source of livelihood for its rural populace and it supplies the town with fruits and vegetables.

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