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India officially the Republic of India, is a country in South Asia. It is the seventh-largest country by geographical area, the second most populous country, and the most populous liberal democracy in the world. India is a union of twenty-eight states and seven federally-governed union territories. New Delhi is the capital of India.
Kanpur is one of the most populous cities in the north Indian state of Uttar Pradesh. Kanpur is located on the banks of the Ganga and is an important industrial center. It has an area of over 1000 square kilometers and had a population of around 2.7 million in the 1991 census. Kanpur is home to several educational institutions, including CSJM University, one of the Indian Institutes of Technology, Harcourt Butler Technological Institute, University Institute of Engineering and Technology and GSVM Medical College.
Nestled on the banks of the eternal Ganga, Kanpur stands as one of North India’s major industrial centres with its own historical, religious and commercial importance. Believed to be founded by king Hindu Singh Chandel of the erstwhile state of Sachendi, Kanpur, it is believed by some, derived its name from Kanhiyapur, the town of Kanhiya. In the course of time, Kanhiyapur probably was abbreviated as Kanhapur and subsequently as Kanpur. Others believe that the name is derived from Karnapur and is associated with Karna, one of the heroes of Mahabharata. Duryodhana made Karna a king, seeing him as a fitting match to Arjuna, and gifted him this area; hence the name Karnapur, which later became Kanpur.
Kanpur is situated on the banks of river Ganga and has a population of 2.72 million as per the 1991 census with 1,483,000 males and 1,289,000 females. Kanpur has an area of about 1040 square kilometers and is 126 meters above sea level. Languages spoken in and around Kanpur include Hindi, English, Urdu and some Bengali and Punjabi. All major religions are practiced in Kanpur.

Today, one can also learn about its history, from its earliest times and gain enthusiasm in its natural beauty and populace. Kanpur enjoys a very positive reputation with worldwide travelers.

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