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Japan is an island country in East Asia. It is located in the Pacific Ocean it lies to the east of China, Korea, and Russia, stretching from the Sea of Okhotsk in the north to the East China Sea in the south. Its capital and largest city is Tokyo. It has the world's 10th largest population. It is world's largest international creditor and is the sixth largest exporter and importer and is a member of the United Nations. And it is a leading nation in the fields of scientific research, technology, machinery, and medical research with the world's third largest budget for research and development.
Asahikawa is a city located in Kamikawa Subprefecture, Hokkaido, Japan. The city is the capital of the subprefecture and the second-largest city in Hokkaido, next to Sapporo. It has been a core city since April 1, 2000. As of 2004, the city had an estimated population of 361,488 and the density of 483.53 persons per square kilometers. The total area is 747.6 square kilometers. The city was founded on August 1, 1922. The Asahikawa Airport is located in Asahikawa. The Ainu called the Asahi River Chiu Petsu meaning River of Waves, but it was misunderstood as Chup Petsu meaning Sun River and so came to be called Asahi River Asahi meaning morning sun. The second division of the northern army of the Japan ground self-defense force is headquartered in Asahikawa. Asahikawa is known as one of Japan's gourmet towns, contains many restaurants of nearly every description.

Their specialties are Asahikawa-ramen, Asahikawa-furniture, Confectionery, Sake, Cocktail, Taisetsu Microbrew Beer, Asahikawa mutton barbecue and Pottery and Wooden handiwork. The city’s sightseeing is Otokoyama Sake Brewing Museum, Asahibashi Bridge, Arashiyama Pottery village, Hokkaido Traditional Art Craft Village, Romantic Road, Asahikawa Furniture Center, Ayako Miura Memorial Literature Center and many more. Today, one can also learn about its history, from its earliest times and gain enthusiasm in its natural beauty and populace. Asahikawa enjoys a very positive reputation with worldwide travelers.

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