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Japan is an island country in East Asia. It is located in the Pacific Ocean it lies to the east of China, Korea, and Russia, stretching from the Sea of Okhotsk in the north to the East China Sea in the south. Its capital and largest city is Tokyo. It has the world's 10th largest population. It is world's largest international creditor and is the sixth largest exporter and importer and is a member of the United Nations. And it is a leading nation in the fields of scientific research, technology, machinery, and medical research with the world's third largest budget for research and development.
Sagamihara is a municipality located in Kanagawa, Japan in Greater Tokyo. In 2006, the population of the city was 668,119 and area of 244.04 square kilometers. The city gained a city status on November 20, 1954. The Sagami River flows along the southwest of Sagamihara and also Sagamihara is located on Sagamihara Plateau with Tanzawa Mountains. In Sagamihara there are three ground levels upper, middle, lower-formed by marine terrace.
The municipal museum has one exhibition room presenting the natural features and history of Sagamihara and another one presenting the cosmos. Sagamigawa Fureai Science Museum, this museum has various exhibits including a large water tank with a model of the Sagami River and videotape equipment presenting the aquatic creatures and waterside fauna and flora.

A city known for its historic myths and traditions, scenic beauty, cooperative people and luxurious hotels and cottages, Sagamihara is one of the favorite holiday destinations for most of the vacation lovers.

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