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Afghanistan: Land of Conquerors

Afghanistan is a mountainous land that is located in the middle of the Asiatic continent. The capital city of this country is named Kabul, which has been admired by important personages such like the central Asiatic defeater Zahirudeen Babur. This land has plenty of history and a very rich culture that goes back over five thousand years.

The country has been known with other names, in older epochs the habitants called it the land Aryana, later in the medieval epoch it was known as Khorasan; it was until the modern times that the habitants decided to call it Afghanistan. The population of this big country is unidentified but is estimated that at least 26 million people live there.

This is a heterogeneous country where you can find numerous ethnic groups such like the Pashtoons, Hazaras, Tajiks, Uzbeks, Baluchis, Turkmens and Nuristains. The official religion of the country is the Islamic faith; however, there are minor groups of Christians, Hindus and others. If you are planning to visit Afghanistan you have to learn to talk Pashto and Dari which are the official languages of the country.

Afghanistan is a land to be explored, if you want to live a real adventure do not miss the chance and come to this beautiful and mysterious country.

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