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Armenia: Home of the Sevan Lake

Armenia is a mountainous country which is located in the Asiatic continent, it limits with Georgia, Azerbaijan, Turkey and Iran. The average of altitude of the country is of 1.800 meters; however, you can find very high mountains at the peaks of the Caucaso as the Aragat Mountain which has an altitude of 4.095 meters above the sea; you can also find volcanic raised grounds that are crossed by deep valleys where there are big rivers as the Araxe and Koura that also work as borders with countries like Turkey and Iran.

The climate of this country is very dry and continental, the summer is really hot and the winter is very cold. In its flat lands the agriculturists of the country seed cotton, tobacco, cereals, wheat, beet and grapes which are used to produce delicious wines; meanwhile other activities such as the cattle are developed in the mountains. The Armenian soils are also rich in gold, copper, molybdenum, and aluminum.

The population is composed by 93, 3 % of Armenians, 2, 6 % Azeries, 2, 3 % Russians and 1, 7 % of Kurds. The official religion is the Orthodox Christian and the official language is the Armenian; however, the Russian, Azeri and Kurd are also used. The official name of Armenia is Hayastani Hanrapetut’yun and the capital city is known as Yerevan.

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