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Azerbaijan: Beautiful Country Next to the Caspian Sea

Azerbaijan is located in the Asiatic continent in the eastern part of the Transcaucasia. Iran to the south, Armenia to the west, Georgia to the northwest and Daguestan (autonomous region of the Russian federation) are the neighbor countries of Azerbaijan, which limits to the east with the Caspian Sea. The mountains of the region of the Caucaso are half of the territory of the country, but in the middle you can find the Kura-Araks Valley and to the southeast the Lenkoran Valley. The climate of this country is varied; it is subtropical in the mountains and very humid in the flat lands.

The country presents semi desert vegetation mixed with alpine meadows and forests in the mountains. Azerbaijan has very important petroleum deposits, natural gas, copper and iron. The population is composed by several ethnics groups; 90 % Azeries, 3.2 % Dagestani, 2.5 % Russians, 2.2 % Lezgian and 2 % Armenians. But those are only the biggest groups; Azerbaijan is the home of other minor groups such like Ukrainians, Tataros, Kurds, Talyshy from Georgia and others.

About the social aspects of this country, is important to know that the official religion is the Muslim, however there are minor orthodox Russians and orthodox Armenians and others. The official language is the Azeri but Russian, Armenian, Kurmanji, and Talysh are also used. The capital city of the country is named Baku.

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