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Bahrain: Country of Islands

Bahrain is a country which is formed by 333 islands with a total area of 707 square kilometers. It is located in the Asiatic continent in the Arabian Gulf, off the east cost of Saudi Arabia. The country is known as Bahrain because the biggest island which has an extension of 586.5 square kilometers and is named Bahrain. In this island, it is also located the international airport of Bahrain: Muharraq, and you can also find the industrial area known as Sitra.

As mentioned above, Bahrain is composed by hundreds of islands; however, most of them are uninhabited but are the pass point of different migrant birds during spring and autumn. The weather in this country is very hot during summer and placid during winter. From November to April, the average of the temperatures is of 15 to 24 degrees centigrade what makes the weather very agreeable during those months. However, from July to September, the average is 36 degrees centigrade; this makes the weather really humid.

The official language of the country is the Arabic; however, English is very used too. The official religion is the Islam which is practiced by a lot of people, but you can find minor groups like Christians and others. Bahrain is a very nice country that you must visit.

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