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Angkor Thom: Have It Face to Face

Angkor Thom, which constitutes a 9 km² area, was founded in the late 12th century. It was not only the latest, but also the most durable capital during the Khmer empire. This city is so well-known due to the high amount of amazing monuments comprised in this piece of land. The last constructed temple was dedicated in the year 1295. It is very interesting for you to know that, later on, other structures were also built. However, they were made in perishable materials, so they have not survived. Angkor Thom was created in the Bayon style. Those structures are also a great basis for interpretation. Nevertheless, only those who have been there have a real perspective of what it is, and the meaning is given personally.

Angkor Thom is mainly made up by towers and gates. Those towers are about 23 meters high and how they transmit each person a very single emotion is impressive. Within the city, in general, there are several canals that allow water flow from northeast to southwest. Just take a mental trip. The bulk of the land is now surrounded by big amazing walls. However, now it is full of forest. Wouldn't you like to have some photographs of a place that, these days, is full of history, past and beautiful architectural structures? Getting to know these monuments is, without a doubt, a really spectacular dream that everybody would like to make come true. If you like adventure, you first place to visit is called Angkor Thom located in Siem Reap, Cambodia.

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