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Cambodia: Land Of Temples

Cambodia is a beautiful country located in the southwestern part of the Indochina peninsula in Asia. This country shares its borders with Laos and Thailand by the west and the north and with the Republic of Vietnam by the east and the southeast. The capital of the country is known as Phnom Penh, and it has other 19 provinces among them: Kandal, Kampong, Takao, Mondol Kiri.

About the population of this country, it is estimated in approximately 13,607,069 habitants. It is composed by 90% of the ethnic group named Khmer and another 10% is composed by Chinese Khmer, Chams of Khmer Islam, Vietnamese and Khmer Loeu. About a 10% of the total population of Cambodia lives in Phnom Penh.

The official language of the country is the Khmer, but English is also very common especially in tourism and business services. The official religion is the Buddhism which believes in the reincarnation in non human or human form based on the actions of the person in the previous life.

The climate of Cambodia may be describe as tropical, with 2 different conditions; rainy season from June to October and dry season form November to May. Some of the best attractions you can see in Cambodia are the Buddhist temples that present a beautiful architecture and history.

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