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Hong Kong: Jackie Chang’s Land

Hong Kong is a special administrative region of the Republic of China. It is located to the east of Asia, bordering with China and the South China Sea. The country is formed by the peninsula of China and numerous islands; among them, the island of Hong Kong in the sea of the Meridian China in the delta of the River Pearls next to the Chinese province Guangdong. This country was a dependence of the United Kingdom until 1997. It means that is relatively a new country.

The name Hong Kong means “fragrant port”, according to the Cantonese pronunciation. The population of Hong Kong is estimated in approximately 6,898,686 people who are distributed in different ethnic groups, 95 % Chinese and the other 5 % is distributed in several minor groups. There is no official religion in Hong Kong, 90 % of the people have different religions and just 10 % are Christians. The official language of the country is the Chinese (Cantonese) but English is also considered official.

In fact, Hong Kong has much tourism and that is why English has become one of the official languages of the country. About the culture of the country, it is very varied because when they decided to separate from China they had a lot of influence of the occidental culture; however, they have kept almost all their traditions. A curious note is that Jackie Chang (the famous actor) is from Hong Kong.

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