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Iran: The Ancient Persia

Iran is located in the Middle East of the Asiatic continent. It shares borders with Pakistan and Afghanistan by the east, Turkmenistan by the northeast, the Caspian Sea by the north and Armenia and Azerbaijan by the northwest, Turkey and Iraq by the west and finally The Persian Gulf and the Gulf of Oman by the south. The country was known as Persia until 1979. The climate of the country is arid and subtropical along the Caspian Sea coast.

68,017,860 is the total population that lives in Iran, this population is composed by different racial groups among them: the Persian, Azeri, Gilaki Mazandarani, Lur, Arab, Baloch, Kurd, Turkmen and other minor groups. The official religion of the country is the Muslim which is practiced by the 89% of the population; other religions present in Iran are the Sunni Muslim, Christian, Jewish, Baha’i and Zoroastrian. Persian is the official language; nevertheless, others such as Turkic, Kurdish, Luri, Arabic, Turkish, Balochi and other dialects are used by the habitants too. The capital of the country is named Tehran.

Iran is a country that has a lot of ancient story. It offers to the visitors the wonder of its museums and the beautiful landscapes of its coasts.

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