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Israel: The Home Birth of Jesus Christ

Israel is located in the Middle Orient next to the Mediterranean Sea in the Asiatic continent. It shares borders with Lebanon and Syria to the North, Jordon to the east, the Mediterranean Sea and Gaza Strip to the west and the Red Sea and Egypt to the South. The climate of this country is very hot and dry especially close to the deserted areas of the eastern.

The population of Israel sums a total of 6,276,883 people who are distributed in many different ethnic groups. Those groups are Jewish (divided in America/Europe born 32.1%, Africa born 14.6%, Israel born 20.8% and Asia born 12.6%) and non Jewish about 19.9% most of them Arabs. The official religion of Israel is the Jewish 76.5%, Arab Christian 1.7%, Druze 1.6% and others 4.3%.

The official language is the Hebrew, but others like English and Arab are used yet especially by minor groups. The capital city of Israel is known as Jerusalem, which is also the main attraction for the visitors (Catholics and Christians especially) because is the place where Jesus Christ lived, made its miracles and then was killed by the Romans. Israel also offers a very rich archeological and cultural history that is waiting to be discovered by the visitors.

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