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Japan: Example of Effort

Japan is located in the eastern part of the Asiatic continent between the North Pacific Ocean and the Sea of Japan (to the east of the Korean Peninsula). Today, Japan is one of the most powerful countries around the world in aspects such like economic revenues and technological advances that benefit everybody. The country also has been growing in many different aspects like in sports. In fact, 4 years ago Japan was the co-organizer of the World Cup. The country has received much influence of the occidental culture but as many other Asiatic countries; they still conserve many of their traditions.

The climate in Japan is varied, it is tropical in the south but it is milder in the north. The country is the home of 127,417,244 people and as a curious note there are not many ethnic groups; 99 % of the population is Japanese and just 1 % is divided in other groups like Koreans and Filipinos. The official religion in Japan is the Shinto and Buddhist 84 % and the remaining 16 % is divided in many other different religions like the Christian.

Japan offers many attractions to the visitor and it is also one of the safest countries in the world. You can visit their temples and cultural and archeological parks as well as their numerous national parks. Japan is also recognized by their efforts to grow and become a powerful country.

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