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Jordan: Holy Land

Jordan is located in the Middle East, Asia, northwest of Saudi Arabia. This country is considered the real holy land because many historical events happened there. For example, this is the land where John the Baptist baptized Jesus Christ. Jordan is a very interesting experience especially for those who like to travel to historical and religious places.

The climate in Jordan is arid and desert. Its population is estimated in 5,759,732 according to the last census (2005). This population is composed by different ethnic groups such like Arabs (98%), Circassian (1%) and Armenian (1%). As many different Asiatic countries, Jordanians practice different religions; however, the official is the Sunni Muslim. Others as the Christian and the Roman Catholic are also practiced. The official language is the Arabic, but others like English are extensively used especially in businesses dedicated to tourism.

Today, Jordan is a modern country, but it keeps their ancient culture. This is a real paradise for those who enjoy visiting places where historical facts occurred hundreds or, as in this case, thousands of years ago. If you are one of those, do not think it twice and visit Jordan.

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