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Kazakhstan: Mixture of Cultures

Kazakhstan is located in the Asiatic continent in its central part, to the northwest of China, but a small part is in the Ural River in Eastern Europe. In ancient times, this country was an intersection of many different transportation routes, economic, cultural, ideological and social relations among Asia and Europe. The northern part of the country is still considered a point of cultural exchange.

The climate in Kazakhstan is continental, with very hot summers and really cold winters. The capital city is known as Astana and is there where most of the total population in concentrated. The total population sums 15,185,844 people according to the last census realized in 1999. Due to the cultural exchange of this country, its population is a mixture of different ethnic groups, among them Kazakh, Russian, Uzbek, Tatar, German, Ukrainian and others.

The official religion is the Muslim, but others like the Russian Orthodox and protestant are also practiced. The official language is Kazakh, but others like Russian are widely used too.

The main tourist attractions that you can find in Kazakhstan are located in cities like Turkestan, Almaty, and the capital Astana. There is a mausoleum in Turkestan that is very famous around the world due to its history. It is visited by 300 people every day, but during religious holidays the number of visitors increases to up to 1,000 people.

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