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Kuwait: Land of Commerce

Kuwait is located in the Middle East in the Asiatic Continent, sharing its borders with the Persian Gulf, Saudi Arabia and Iraq. Kuwait is one of the largest exporters of oil and spices. The country has passed by several situations to become the country that it is today. Is a modern city but conserves the traditions and heritages of their ancients. It is a cosmopolitan city in the centre of the Middle East.

The climate in Kuwait is very dry with two established seasons which present very hot summers and cold winters. The capital city of Kuwait is known with the same name of the country (Kuwait). The population in this land is estimated in 2,335,648 habitants from different racial groups, among them Kuwaiti, South Asian, Arabs, Iranian and others.

The official language is the Arabic, but English is extensively used too (especially for commerce and tourist services). About the religions, the Muslim is the official, but others like Christian, Hindu, Parsi and more are practiced too.

Kuwait is an excellent destination for those who enjoy learning about different cultures and history because the country has a very rich cultural tradition.
In the country, visitors can find all the services that they need to have a nice stay in Kuwait.

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