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Lebanon: The Occident in the Middle East

Lebanon is located in the Middle East in the Asiatic continent; it shares its borders with the Mediterranean Sea, Israel and Syria. Lebanon is the only country in the Middle East where you can find nightlife styles similar to the styles of the countries of the west. The number of visitors to Lebanon has increased really fast in the last 4 years.

The climate in Lebanon is Mediterranean, very hot summers and really wet winters and snow in the mountainous zones of the country. The country is divided in 6 regions where the capital is called Beirut. The population of the country is estimated in 3,826,018 people. Most of its habitants are Arabs, Armenian and a few minor groups. The official religion is the Muslim, but others like the Christian, Roman Catholic, Armenian Catholic and more are also practiced.

Arabic is the official language, but others like English, French and Armenian are widely used too. Lebanon is a country that has a lot of influence from the western cultures; however, they still keep their traditions and especially their art.

It is also an especial place to go shopping; Beirut is the main centre where you can find handicrafts that include rugs, furniture and others.

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