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Malaysia: Encounter of Cultures

Malaysia is located in the southern part of the Asiatic continent; it is formed in a peninsula that borders with Thailand and the island of Borneo, it also shares borders with Indonesia, Brunei and the South China Sea to the south of Vietnam. This country has been blessed by God with beautiful landscapes and many different cultures that live in peace and harmony with the natural resources of the territory.

The climate in Malaysia is tropical with monsoons from April to October in the southwest and from October to February in the northeast. The country is divided in 13 states where the capital city is named Kuala Lumpur. The country is the house of 23,953,136 habitants which include many different ethnic groups. Some of them are: Malay, Chinese, Indian, Indigenous and many other minor groups.

There is not an official religion in Malaysia, but some of the religions practiced by the habitants are: Muslim, Buddhist, Hindu, Christian and others. About the languages, the official is the Bahasa Melayu, but others like Chinese, English, Malayalam, etc. are extensively used too.

Due to the presence of different racial groups, the country has a rich cultural heritage to offer to the visitors. But Malaysia also offers beautiful landscapes and is an excellent option to try new gastronomy.

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