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Maldives: A Paradise on the Earth

Maldives is located in the southern part of the Asiatic continent. The country is formed by a group of atolls in the middle of the Indian Ocean, to the southwest of the India. It is an exotic country with beautiful white sand beaches and splendid landscapes which are almost incredible. Tourism is the most important source of foreign exchange for this country and it is becoming the main activity of Maldives.

The climate in the Maldives is tropical; it is really hot and humid during the summer and very rainy during the winter. The capital of the country is named Male (main atoll) and the country is formed by 19 atolls all of them very close to each other. The population is estimated in 349,106 habitants where only 3 different ethnic groups are present; South Indians, Arabs and Sinhalese. The official religion is the Sunni Muslim and the official language is the Maldivian Dhivehi, but English is widely used mainly due to the affluence of visitors.

As mentioned above, Maldives offers the visitors white sand beaches and beautiful landscapes. It is considered one of the most exclusive destinations for honeymooners. It also offers a rich cultural heritage and delicious foods. If you are honeymooner or even if you are not, do not miss the chance and visit Maldives.

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