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Abercrombie & Kent Tours Corporation: Showing The Real, Live World

Abercrombie & Kent is worldwide familiar as the first extravagance tour corporation. It began in 1962 as an African expedition corporation. A&K's unmatched travel and tour business expanded around the world to more than 100 nations on all 7 continents. Guided or free tours with A&K mixes the convenience, service, security and comfort of a United States based corporation with on-site maintenance 24 hours and seven days a week from a system of 48 destination organization corporations that guarantee the "insider admission" that just a limited personnel can offer.

Other corporations occasionally maintain that the self-governing offices to which they contract out are “their own offices”, even though Abercrombie & Kent has its own net of home offices, staffed by permanent A&K specialists, all around the world. In Thailand, Myanmar, Cambodia, China, and India there are A&K agencies running for you. Visualize the intensity of service that lets them offer: A&K makes sure that your expedition proceeds created and guided efficiently by professionals who know how to satisfy your travel needs.

The escorts of Abercrombie & Kent Tours are faultless hosts. They are outstanding guides because they themselves are individually concerned of the places, leitmotifs and people of the trips. A&K’s Tour Directors are residents of the countries and with their local associates and specialty data; they demonstrate you a real, live world of individual knowledge and discovery.

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