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AdventureWomen Corporation Leading the Women Travel Market

The tradition of AdventureWomen is revolutionary journey travel trips planned specially for women tourist. The corporation was established at Chicago, Illinois in 1982. A recent graduate from university and a three year spell in the Peace Corps; Susan Eckert gathered her life funds and began AdventureWomen while the travel business was still in its formative years. Its target was women with more than 30 years of age. Susan considered that it was the right occasion for girls to profit from the similar travel choices as males who appeared to be enjoying all the excitement of fishing, golfing and hunting with their “friends.”

AdventureWomen has evolved from providing a small number of trips a year, where Susan worked as program manager, guide, driver, dishwasher, financer and cook, to approximately twenty adventures that cover the world. Located in the Montana’s Bridger Mountains, AdventureWomen has encouraged faithfulness between its customers that is truthfully extraordinary. The enthusiasm and determination that fueled the corporation’s ultimate development is still vibrant and strong, and motivates the adding up of thrilling exotic new locations each year. Its incredible associates, office staff and guides, and the reliability of the remarkable women who journey with them maintain AdventureWomen on the front position of the girl’s journey market.

Over the years, AdventureWomen has gathered an amount of industry recognition and awards for the corporation’s achievement.

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