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Asian Pacific Adventures Providing Health, Comfort and Safety as its First Priority

Asian Pacific Adventures was established in 1986 by the art educator and photographer Tovya Wager. Hima Singh, leader and proprietor, was born in Nepal and studied in Europe, United States and India. APA continues supporting worldwide peace and tolerance through travel. Vacationers joining their excursions profit from Ms. Singh’s approximately 30 years of worldwide tour experience, instruction and preparation in the travel business, extensive net of abroad associates, family connections and its intimate information of Asia.

Asian Pacific Adventures is recognized as a pioneer of cultural tour in Asia. It takes its customers on eye-opening trips to the less-trodden spots of Asia where they are part of the honored few to interact with distant tribes and contribute to multicolored festivals. Its customers are receive in personal homes, attend charming ceremonies and increase priceless insight into ancient and amazing cultures frequently unidentified and unapproachable to westerners. Even its typical tours have an exclusive cultural importance. Whether on a customized individual or a group departure tour, its customers practice Asia in a manner that is both informative and educational.

Customers’ health, comfort and safety are its first priority. This along with specialized service and well researched and planned schedules offers Asian Pacific Adventures to customers with first-class tour experiences. Almost 70 percent of its deals are result of its customers’ recommendations.

Asian Pacific Adventures travels conscientiously and believe in environmental and cultural preservation. It also thinks that small groups give a better journey experience for its travelers.

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