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Collette Vacations is Continuously Striving to Provide the Best Service

Collette Vacations was established in 1918 and earned the award of being the oldest vacation trip dealer in the United States. The management of the Sullivan family allowed Collette to expand from being a regional motorcoach to a global multi vocational.

Collette is continuously striving to give the best experiences and products it can for its customers around the planet. Current affiliations with A&E Networks and Smithsonian Journeys have permitted Collette to develop its service line to contain education vacations. These education vacations, besides its guide tours and land cruise plans allow the company to provide its clients a wide range of superiority plans to decide from.

Collette's wide-ranging waiver plan has been lauded as the best in the industry, as well as its products. It will keep honoring and providing this safety to its travelers to provide them the serenity of mind required to enjoy a truthfully unforgettable trip.

Collette Vacations’ tour administrators' journey with you on every Collette trip to make sure that you will have an educational, fun and safe expedition. Put down your doubts at house and enjoy each single moment of your journey. A tour director will dispatch the record of the location where you are going, make sure that your baggage gets from location to location, suggest instructions on converting exchange and assist you with the regional customs.

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