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Great Adventure People Corporation

Bruce Poon Tip established G.A.P Adventures in 1990 with the conviction that other explorers would share his wish to have genuine adventures in the real world. It has developed from a one-worker corporation to a company of more than 300 workers, and from complete tours in Latin America to thousands of journeys all around the seven continents. It has become a more than 300-worker corporation after being a one-worker company. Also, they have changed complete tours in Latin American for journeys all around the seven continents. Each year, more than 40,000 customers can enjoy the real world thanks to this company.

G.A.P Adventures’ main concern is to make sure each traveler has a good time through exceptional and personalized service. G.A.P. Adventures focuses on the client education. For this reason, it is continually looking for the best ways to improve this experience and evaluating them

G.A.P is the Great Adventure People, and it is a corporation of explorers. Through a dedicated group of explorers, a challenging corporation began with a vision of journeying concerned about the territory and community. While others focus on appealing western surroundings, G.A.P.’ vision relies on personal journeys at a workers stage. G.A.P’s groups are very small, and satisfactory tourism is the main concern in its programs. If G.A.P triumphs then its regional travelers will benefit too.

G.A.P distinguishes its triumph as a business best accomplished by collaboration and cooperation, and its travelers judge the company as one, rather than separate sections.

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