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Globus Journeys: Conserving North American Locations

Globus Journeys recognizes the importance of conserving the North American locations that it explores. Globus Journeys goes beyond this and wants to spread this knowledge. That is why Globus contributes openhandedly to the Tourism Cares for Tomorrow for the restitution and conservation of five "American Icons." The contributions go just before detailed plans, rather than prepared costs. For years, Globus has worked with effort to offer the best trip experiences, first-class consumer service, and the best customer safety plans accessible in the journey business.

Nowadays, the Globus Family of Services is promoted and managed by an association of more than 32 self-governing aviation and tourism industries, administered by a workforce of 5,000 specialized worldwide. Collective, Monograms, Cosmos, and Globus take more than 500,000 travelers per year, creating the top worker association of guided trips. Globus features its achievements to the principles of the originator Antonio Mantegazza. For 3 generations, his dream, hard labor, love for journey, and promise have guided the corporation. These principles are the foundation stone on which Globus was assembled and will keep on developing.

One of the main recompenses of guided trips is the possibility to experience a location without disturbs regarding the situation, for example hotels, transfers and many more. You will have abundance of free time to explore all the locations at your own speed.

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