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Asia Destinations

What would your life be like if you have the opportunity to spend some time taking a sun-bath and enjoying the landscape in Java, Indonesia. Indonesia is just one example of the amazing destinations you can find in Asia. What about visiting the oldest civilization China, or climbing the Himalaya? Sounds interesting, does not it? Well, we have at your disposal information about some of the greatest destinations in Asia; just take a look at them. It does not matter the kind of tourist you are or the kind of tourism you like, you will find what you have been always looking for in Asia.
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Japan: Example of Effort 02/23/2006
Israel: The Home Birth of Jesus Christ02/22/2006
Iran: The Ancient Persia 02/22/2006
Indonesia: A Paradise Among the Sea 02/22/2006
India: Country of Beautiful Temples02/22/2006
Hong Kong: Jackie Chang’s Land 02/22/2006
Bahrain: Country of Islands02/21/2006
Georgia: Amazing Landscapes02/21/2006
Cambodia: Land Of Temples02/21/2006
China: Can You Jump the Great Wall?02/21/2006
Bhutan: Home of the Thunder Dragon 02/21/2006
Azerbaijan: Beautiful Country Next to the Caspian Sea02/21/2006
Armenia: Home of the Sevan Lake 02/20/2006
Afghanistan: Land of Conquerors02/20/2006
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Asia Destinations
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